Band Bio

al·che·my - ˈalkəmē/ noun: alchemy  

The medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.  

To us music is the universal elixir! R2 Alchemy formed in the fall of 2017 when drummer Gary Basgall and songwriter/guitarist Rick Lally hooked up and decided to try pulling together a band. Rick quickly mentioned and contacted fellow songwriter/guitarist and friend Ronnie Lamendola. Things started to happen. So now what do we name the band? Ronnie suggested R2 Alchemy. The R2 representing songwriters Ronnie and Rick. Alchemy representing the great chemistry added by our drummer and bassman.  

R2 Alchemy's first performance was to a crowded house at the Fence Stile Vineyard and Winery in Excelsior Springs, Missouri November 11th, 2017. The band is always working towards enhancing our sound, performance and set list. We are beginning to infuse a few choice cover songs into our set list. Currently our set list can fill up to 3 hours. We are always looking for good venues and opportunities to perform. 

We like to keep our music upbeat and positive!

R2 Alchemy Members

Rick Lally - Guitars and vocals

Rick is a songwriter at heart. At age 13 he wrote his first song and has been writing songs ever since creating a large catalog of music. He has always worked at recording his music, but it wasn't until his children were all grown up that he began to put more time and focus into his music. He started performing live acoustically either solo or with an acoustic trio. With the formation of R2 Alchemy, he enjoyed the added energy that bass and drums provided. He had always imagined a sound that R2 Alchemy brings to a song. He feels honored to be a part of the talented musicians involved with R2 Alchemy. The talents of each member of the band helps mold each song, whether it’s an original or cover into an R2 Alchemy song. 

Ronnie Lamendola - Guitars and vocals

Ronnie’s musical influences encompass a wide variety of music genres. He finds great appreciation and listening pleasure of all styles of music. Primarily self-taught on acoustic guitar. Timeless songwriters over several decades have driven Ronnie to sing of life’s journey. His favorite contemporaries through past legendary songwriters have fueled his musical reach. Ronnie performs original material, with lead vocals and rhythmic acoustic 6- and 12-string guitar melodies. The band’s invitation to him was a great occasion to join a KC favorite Rick Lally, a talented and experienced tenure, and aficionados John on bass and Gary on drums. Together providing an even more compelling musical dynamic to the original acoustic compositions by Ronnie Lamendola.

Gary Basgall - Drums

Gary comes from several generations of musicians and has been around music his entire life.  He grew up listening to a variety of music genre's from polkas to big bands, jazz, old and new country to 70's rock music and to just about everything in between.  His interest in drumming began at a very early age when he would ride along with his dad to his Saturday night gigs, sit behind him at his kit and just take it all in.  His formal education in music began in the early 60's and he has never stop learning.  He has played with several different bands spanning from the late 60's to now and considers it a privilege to join the talents of Rick, Ronnie, and John in R2 Alchemy.